Powerful Facebook Messenger Plugin For Wordpress that lets you build a high quality Subscriber List In 3 Steps With ZERO Technical Skills Using AUTOMATED BOT

Automatically Collect Prequalified Leads for any 
Online and Local Business using amazing Facebook Messenger Bot


AS YOU CAN SEE, it is a Real Online And Social Media Marketing Tool For Entrepreneurs!

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STEP 1: Download 

Download the WordPress Plugin to your site, connect any Facebook page for you and your clients

STEP 2: Whitelist Domain

Watch the video how to set-up your domain with Facebook 

STEP :3 Set Your Bot

In this step you set-up your Bot to automatically collect email and name informations from messenger to your auto responder.

Check The Demo Below

Do you know which is one of the most common problems online Entrepreneurs and Social Media Marketers face?

Converting followers and fans into actual buyers.

You see, most people have a problem with building an audience, have a problem with converting these people into loyal hungry buyers that buy their offers, products, and services again and again.

Truth be told,  in social media, it is all about interaction.

Let’s take Facebook for example. Most of the times, the fans, followers or people who actually buy from your business are people who have interacted with you.

They have either sent you a message or commented on a post. You have reached out to them, had some sort of interaction and transformed them into buyers.


Then you’ve realized that this type of interaction needs to be scaled and how do you do that?


This is the POWER OF Convert Commander

Convert Commander will automate All The Interaction For You So You Scale And Sell More!

It is the perfect solution for automation and getting more interaction and sales from Facebook and Social Media!

For All Online Entrepreneur And Marketers

Who Want More Sales From Facebook
Who Want To Scale Their Business
Who Want To Automate Their Business

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USE Convert Commander To Automate Your Facebook And Social Media Marketing And Make More Sales In No Time!

With Convert Commander You Will Be Able To:

1. Create Your Own Facebook Messenger Bot

Usually, it is hard to create and automate your own Facebook Messenger Bot.
It is time and money consuming and the result might not be the one expected.
That means wasted resources that you will never get back.

With Convert Commander you easly create your own Facebook Bot Marketing that has a ton of features included for which you would normally have to pay hundreds of dollars!

Check out some of the features included below:

2. Automate Your Comment Marketing

Comments are the very core of interaction to build an audience on Facebook and start building rapport and trust with them so that you can turn them into your loyal buyers.

Still, most businesses fail to respond to comments from the early stage of starting their page which results in poor interaction, loss of many potential clients, and sales.

With Convert Commander you can solve this problem once and for all!

Check out some of the features included below:

These are just the two main activities that Convert Commander will help you automate and deal with faster than ever-transforming your Facebook And Social Media Marketing into a PROFITABLE ACTIVITY FOR YOU!

You will get also access to the features like:

Messenger Engagement

Sequence Messaging

Page Analytics

ChatBot Analytics

Other Features

As you can see, Convert Commander is everything you need to turn your Facebook And Social Media Marketing Into A PROFIT PULLING ACTIVITY!

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